Daycare Calgary

The components used in early childhood education have grown much more than the two choices most parents have today. While preschools offer education and school readiness in 2-4 hour programs, daycares will keep your child for the whole day. Our Child Care in Calgary provides a solution to both needs.


Kids U’s, essential goal is to develop the whole child. Social development while increasing the intellectual capacity is crucial all throughout childhood. For this to happen, the child must trust the people and the environment around them. Children need to transition between environments, try different activities and have the opportunity to learn, play and be independent.

The Only Multi-Curriculum Based Day Care in Calgary, SE

The biggest advantage of enrolling your child in the Kids U day care program in Calgary is that they get the best of both programs – preschool and day care. They spend the first part of the day absorbing skills laid out in the preschool curriculum with inspiration from the Montessori philosophy, the Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy, and brain-based learning. Through these methodologies, your child will advance their learning in language and preparation for math and enhance their gross and fine motor skills through the various activities in the curriculum. Our movement environments focus on daily activities that promote healthy bodies and minds.


Our purpose at Kids U Daycare in Calgary is to provide exemplary early childhood education through the latest research in neuroscience, developmental psychology, educational research using brain-based learning, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia-inspired principles combined in an all-day preschool program environment. Our day care program is designed to provide high quality developmental experiences in a dynamic multi-aged classroom setting.

Dedicated Rooms for Each Curriculum in our Best Preschool in Calgary

At Kids U preschool in Calgary, each room has its own curriculum focus. The Left Brain rooms based on the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori focus on practical life, mathematics, science, language arts, and sensorial development. A big key to the Left Brain rooms is to create an environment where a child individually works on their own mat. The biggest advantage of this curriculum is that the child learns to build independence while still being guided by their teacher/guide.

The Right Brain rooms feature open-ended activities based on the Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy of teaching. These play-based classrooms focus on imagination, creativity and investigation of children’s interests. On the contrary to what may seem like an individual based curriculum, all our independent activities start with a group activity. In Montessori and the Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy, this is referred to as gathering time, where children build relationships and community.

At Kids U Preschool in Calgary, each student strives for academic success, develops intellectual curiosity/executive function skills and becomes a responsible global citizen.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us or book a tour to check our facilities and learn more about our curricula.