Daycare Activities for Kids

Oct 12, 2020

Children are by nature playful beings, so daycares in Calgary, NW have compiled a set of activities to keep them entertained as you go about your work. The activities are safe and suitable for children of all ages.

Painting Using Water Balloons

As crazy as it may sound, this is a pretty fun idea. You are only required to fill water balloons with water and let the kids throw them on poster boards spread on the grass. Although your kids will come home covered in paint, the burst of color on the poster boards serves as remnants of a fun stress-relieving activity.

Get Artsy with Ice Chalk

The sidewalk chalk is a favorite among children. You only need to whip some chalk paint using water and corn starch in equal quantities. Split the chalk paint into smaller portions and add washable colors of paint. Afterward, pour these mixtures into ice cube trays then freeze them. It is recommended you do all these on the night before the activity day. On a material day, pop the ice chalk out of the trays and place it into bowls. Watch as the kids make drawings on the pavement and the colors melt away.

Playing in Water

This could be a fantastic idea during the summer. The water cools the kids and this activity doesn’t need a lot of prepping. Although you can opt for sprinklers or pools, several other options exist. Water tables for instant are an awesome way for kids to splash around and evade the smoldering heat. You should just ensure you inform the kids’ parents so they can pack bathing suits, extra clothes, and towels.

Gardening Could Be Fun

Nice weather could be the perfect opportunity to educate kids on nature by planting things with them and watching them grow. There exist a wide variety of plants and herbs that can grow easily even with the littlest care. Gardening could be a daily activity and the kids could never get encourage participation, you can let them water the plants in turns.

Let Them Play in The Sand

One day of your kids being care-free in the sand won’t hurt. In case your daycare lacks a sandbox, it is good to work towards obtaining one. Fill the box with toys and tools and watch as the kids get creative while they dig in and create various designs. Just ensure the box has a cover to keep critters and rainwater away when not in use.

Explore Nature

Take the kids out for a walk in the park. You might head for the backyard to collect stones, flowers, and play hide and seek. This is also a great opportunity to teach young ones about different tree and flower species. It is also a chance for the kids to inhale fresh air away from stuffy indoor spaces.

Indoor Picnics

The outside weather won’t always be convenient. This is why on those rainy days, indoor activities will come in handy. If there are chances of rainy weather, talk to the kids’ parents to bring along their young ones’ stuffed animals and snacks.

A Band Would Be Great!

Bring in the noise with musical tunes. The kids can collect plastic bottles and fill them with dried rice. This creates maracas. Alternatively, they could use empty tissue boxes and elastic bands to create guitars. The kids will have a sense of pride in playing the instruments they made.


The children will love putting together puzzles of their favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, and princesses. This activity aims at promoting teamwork and jogging their memories.

Creating Paper Models and Cards

You just need to buy rolls of hard paper and equip the children with scissors, ribbons, glue, glitter, and crayons. There a lot of things children can create with these items: paper planes, boats, and flowers. On special occasions such as fathers’ day or mothers’ day, you can let the kids make cards for their parents.

Your kids should always be engaged. Because of this, you should find the best preschool in Calgary offering both indoor and outdoor activities. KidsU Daycare in Calgary NW is the best place your child can ever be. Visit us any day for inquiries.