Consistency is Key

Jul 23, 2014

Parents giving their daughter a kiss.

Children are like little sponges capable of learning, and retaining vast amounts of information. What can make or break their learning: lack of consistency. By building a structure that they, and you can adhere to, they’ll be able to start their path with a solid base to build on. Here are a few areas where structure, and consistency will benefit them:

Time: Being consistent when it comes to their schedule is important to helping them maintain solid ground when it comes to pretty much anything that they do. Ensuring that they receive an adequate amount of sleep each night by having a set bedtime is one way to make sure that they have structure. Being consistent when it comes to time will give them confidence in the knowledge of their daily lives

Environment: Messy areas can hinder productivity for adults, and the same can be applied to children. Teaching children to maintain order will instill in them a sense of organization that will be prized, as they grow older. Having pride in a neat area, or simply being consistent with praise for a job well done cleaning will help them begin to build a solid foundation for order.

Punishments: We’ve all been guilty of letting tears sway us at one time or another, but inconsistencies with punishment will only worsen a child’s temperament in the future. Stay firm, and strong in decision you make regarding rules that you’ve set, and remain even more so when it comes to dolling out the punishments. Time out time, grounding, or taking away a favorite item of theirs will teach them that thoughtless or harmful actions have consequences.

Promises: Breaking a promise is a big no-no when it comes to kids. Do it often enough, and kids will lose faith. Sometimes it cannot be avoided, but for the most part when you promise your child something, you should fulfill it enough that when they think of you, they think of a strong and solid source of comfort, and support. Trust is something that kids should have when it comes to their guardians, being inconsistent with your word will tarnish that trust.

Structure is something that is taught. Give your kids a solid foundation that they’ll be able to build off of for the rest of their lives.

Happy Parenting!