Car Seat Rules

Jan 20, 2014

It is compulsory in almost every province to ensure that small children are in car seats, older children are in booster seats and older children should be restrained with a seat belt. Although we should all follow laws, sometimes kids care less. They want to stick their heads out of the window, fidget and move around in the car. Some kids, especially those who have always been used to some restraint system in a vehicle, are calm and happy in their seats watching the world go by. The others create a nightmare every time they have to get into their seats. Here are some creative rules you can use with your kids. Our preschool mums swear by some of them!

Pretend the car won’t start. If your child does not get into their seat, tell them the car won’t start till they are buckled in. Since they are young, it is still easy to pull off this stunt with them. When they buckle in, show them how the car finally starts. So if they want to go somewhere, they have to be in their seats.

Pull over. It is not ok to allow your child to walk around in the car when you are driving. Accidents do happen. Pull over and secure your child again and don’t start driving till they calm down and buckle up. This is a pain sometimes, especially when you are running late but it is better to instill these rules when they are young.

The Safety Star. Rewards always help! Make a chart with your child and give them a star to put up on the chart when they have buckled up during a trip. After a certain number of starts collected, reward them with a little treat. Always works.

Set an Example. The best way to teach your child the importance of safety is to practice it yourself. Buckle your own seatbelt, stay off your cellphone and drive carefully. You are carrying precious luggage!

Happy Parenting!