Instill a Love of Learning in Your Child

Mar 06, 2013

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By showing your child real world examples and discussing things that interest you, you can encourage passion for learning in your child; try taking his lead.

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The passion to learn is definitely innate. There is no other explanation for a baby’s fascination with his crib mobile and later your cell phone and the iPad. Daycare Calgary NW feels that if you can feed the natural curiosity your child already has, you will set him up for a lifetime of discovery and learning. Rote learning in classrooms can sometimes threaten to destroy the zest children have to learn new things, but with Kids U preschool Calgary NW, you can follow these simple ways to keep your child’s love for learning alive always.

Have pearls of passion in your pocket

If you try to remember your favorite school teacher, you will probably remember the one who showed the most passion while teaching. The passion of the teacher or parent is what gets children interested; be it riding a bicycle, watching a movie or getting a project done. If you have enjoyed a holiday in a foreign country for example, talking about it at the dinner table will make that land come alive in more ways than an atlas or a geography book ever will! Our curriculum at Kids U child care Calgary NW involves a lot of real life experiences – field trips, nature walks and dramatic play are some of them.

Abstract experiences VS concrete experiences

Hearing a lecture about something and hearing about an experience first hand makes a ton of difference. As parents, you have more chat time with your children than teachers do. If you see that your child is learning about zoo animals for example, a trip to the zoo where he can see animals first hand and remember more details about them than a picture can show. To pique your child’s interest in numbers and math, turn a boring grocery store visit into a real-life application where he can actually apply what he has learnt in class – counting the number of items or even guessing the weight of the apples you are buying. At Kids U daycare Calgary NW< we take children on educational field trips regularly.

Fun factor at daycare Calgary NW

Teaching the little ones is always one big game. If you make it look like fun, get a smile out of them, you have them! When teachers at Kids U preschool Calgary NW start out with reading, they start with the simple ‘making alphabets in the sand’ game. Once the children are confident enough, we play the alphabet bingo to reinforce sounds and letters. We gradually move on to other games like Scrabble Junior and Boggle and make reading fun.

The key to a child’s heart is patience, love and loads of fun. If you can always incorporate these important factors into learning and living, both you and your child will travel this road very smoothly. Happy Parenting!