Bullying Prevention in Preschool or Kindergarten

May 13, 2013


Kids do at some time or rather experience some kind of teasing. When this harmless teasing becomes hurtful, constant and abrasive, it is known as bullying. For parents, it is a heart wrenching experience to see your child go through the pain of bullying, but sadly it happens – help your child deal with preschool or daycare bullies.
Have a chat with the bully’s parents. When kids are this young, it is a very good idea to do this and sometimes, the situation gets solved pretty easily. Let the bully’s parents know what is happening so they can correct their child’s behavior and talk to their child in case he has underlying problems.
Talk to a school personnel. Your preschool child’s teacher should know what is going on so it is a very good idea to alert her. This will allow her to monitor the situation and bring in higher authority if need be.
Don’t over react and make sure you have a brave, confident and unworried face when you talk to your child. If you get worried, chances are your child catches on to this worry and gets even more frightened. If you are confident and calm, your child may think of the bullying as a small issue and might even deal with it on his own.
Teach your child the basics of body language. Just by standing straight and tall, he will look more confident and it may ward off the bully. Someone who walks with slouched shoulders may be a target for bullies.
Always involve your preschool child’s teacher, the bully’s parents and other school heads to come up with a solution faster. It may be a short phase the bully is going through or something deeper, it is best to nip it in the bud early.

Happy Parenting!