Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Jun 22, 2013

The one thing your mum was never wrong about is that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Whatever your age, breakfast is the king of meals. Now try explaining that to a toddler, especially one who is a fussy eater. But there is good reason to coax your preschool child into having a few morsels of breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast is linked to better moods, improved metabolic rates, lower obesity rates and longer attention spans which translate into better performance at daycare. All this also forms a good habit and routine for your child as he grows up. A good breakfast should have a good mix of protein, fiber, calcium, some sugar and a teeny bit of healthy fat. Here are some winning breakfast recipes that have scored full points with preschool children.

Rainbow parfait – all you need to do is alternate layers of yoghurt and your child’s favourite fruit all chopped up. You can use plain or flavoured yoghurt, depending on your child’s preference. Top this with a granola bar or some whole grain unsweetened cereal. The lovely colours will be tempting enough for any child. When purchasing your yoghurt, check out the sugar content. Better still, make your own yoghurt!

Eggs – A classic breakfast for any age, eggs give you the best nourishment you need at this hour. Try this recipe – egg in the window. Use a cookie cutter to make a hole in a slice of bread. Spread both sides of the bread with real butter (not margarine). Break an egg into the cutout center and cook both sides till the egg is cooked and the bread is browned. Toast the little cutout bread and serve it on the side. There, a perfect breakfast for your perfect preschool toddler.

Breakfast in a cup – For the mornings when you may be in a rush, instant breakfast drinks that you can mix with milk are easy and nutritious. Your child will get a good dose of protein, calcium and fiber. Get your child used to the taste of oatmeal, as this is one excellent breakfast to start the day with. Easy to prepare, it also helps your child to form the habit of healthy breakfasts.

Happy Parenting!