Afternoon classes open to Calgary community.
Prices start at $200/month

What are brain builders?

Brain Builders are comprehensive courses designed to build lasting life skills. Your child will be immersed through the Kids U learning methods, which benefit his or her academic, cognitive, creative, and social development.

why parents should enroll in brain builder courses at kids u

In recent years, electronics have become children’s main source of entertainment. But what impact does that have on our children? It has stunted friendships, outdoor activities, and the health of our children. Extracurricular activities have shown many positive benefits in recent research and studies, from teaching them socialization and team skills to stress management and health benefits. Kids U Brain Builder programs offer children the opportunity to further explore their learning in languages, music, art, drama, dance and yoga while still developing Kids U principle executive functions.

  • Kids U places high emphasis on offering foreign language courses. This brings us to the question “Should young children learn a new language?” Experts say that 'Children should start learning languages at age 3'. Simply, the younger the learner, the better they are at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation. The brain is open to new sounds and patterns in preadolescence; at this age, the mind is highly absorbent. The Center on the Developing Child from Harvard University states that beginning with infants, talking in any language is a wonderful way to build attention, working memory, and self-control.

  • At Kids U we feel that children must be given dedicated time and a focused learning environment that supports their creativity. The STAMP course combines dance, music and art for a full mind-body-soul experience.

    STAMP is a specialized course under the guidance of an artist, who helps children use various mediums to discover their creativity and artistic skills. The STAMP course allows children to explore their own style and bring out their inner artist.

  • STEAM Park builds on a child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore and investigate the world of early Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) through creative play. With each class, children will develop an understanding of gears, motion, measurement and solving problems (in a fun and engaging way).

    In this program, your child will:

    • Learn social and emotional skills through self-regulation, group play and idea sharing,
    • Develop problem-solving skills through play-based scenarios,
    • Explore how things work through physical interactions and storytelling,
    • Construct and deconstruct as a tactile way to learn early math and science concepts,
    • Create and share stories using DUPLO characters to build early language and literacy skills,
    • Role play with “emotions” bricks to foster social and emotional development, and
    • Engage in creative exploration with other students to build negotiation, self-expression, and turn-taking skills.self-expression, and turn-taking skills.
  • (Preschoolers only)

    Yoga & Mindfulness course allows children to find inner joy and peace while equipping them with tools to navigate through the challenges of life. During mindfulness sessions, students practice listening to sound, focusing on breathing, and recognizing emotions. The purpose of Yoga& Mindfulness courses is to give children the skills to develop calm awareness of their inner and outer experiences. Yoga Mindfulness provides tools to empower students to respond to the demands and stresses of life while creating a balance that supports wellbeing. Yoga & Mindfulness course offers essential life skills that allow children to remain true to themselves and their true nature. It improves memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior.

    Top ten reasons why yoga rocks!

    1. Builds physical and mental strength.
    2. Increases attention span and concentration.
    3. Develops self-discipline and self-control.
    4. Helps children relax and get ready to learn.
    5. Increased self-esteem and confidence(It is non-competitive and non-traditional).
    6. Improves posture, balance, and coordination.
    7. Encourages caring and a cooperative spirit.
    8. Improves body weight, density, cardiovasular endurance and anaerobic power.
    9. Enhances problem solving skills.
    10. It's FUN for everyone, not just a few.