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    Kids U’s 2014 Christmas Program 04 Dec 2014

      Every year we put on a festive holiday program involving all of the children at Kids U. Beginning in the fall, the teachers and program coordinators start developing a theme for the night, and from there, music, dancing and magic is made! This year we are bringing to you the story of Goldilocks and … Continue reading “Kids U’s 2014 Christmas Program”

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    December 2014 Theme 03 Dec 2014

      This month’s theme gets Kids U right into the Christmas spirit! Through their activities and lessons, the children will learn about one of the most important holiday traditions celebrated around the world: Hanukkah. The story of Hanukkah is one of bravery, faith and miracles. An engaging tale based on real-life events, the children will … Continue reading “December 2014 Theme”

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    Trick-or-Treat Tips 29 Oct 2014

    It’s not the ghosts and the ghouls parents have to worry about this Halloween Holiday! Kids tend to get a little hyper, and a little adventurous when they’re dressed as their favorite character; or perhaps an alter ego for those truly dedicated. Keep them safe, and harm free with these tips and tricks. In sight … Continue reading “Trick-or-Treat Tips”

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    Fun Fall Ideas that will make Memories! 24 Sep 2014

    This week has ushered in a new season! Why not implement some family time and make memories that will last a lifetime? We’ve scoured the Internet for great ideas on how to make the change in season last for you and the kids, so that when they’re all grown up, you’ll have wonderful mementos and … Continue reading “Fun Fall Ideas that will make Memories!”

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    Expanding Their Vocabulary 20 Aug 2014

      We’ve all been around a child that’s learned a new favorite word; there’s even a recent Internet sensation that’s captured the world’s hearts with his use of the word “Apparently.” But how can parents make more words stick? Well here at Kids U, we specialize in getting kids to love learning! Here are a … Continue reading “Expanding Their Vocabulary”

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    7 Bedtime Tips for Fussy Sleepers 13 Aug 2014

    It may seem that when putting the kid’s to bed, you feel like your going into battle; armed with a good book, a favorite blanket, or stuffed animal, perhaps even promises for a new day. Well we’re here to offer some tips on how to get those fussy little people to sleep, and keep them … Continue reading “7 Bedtime Tips for Fussy Sleepers”

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    Technology and Brain Development 06 Aug 2014

    We are leaving in an exciting time. The exponential growth of technology is leading mankind to a future bright with capabilities in improving science, medicine, and even education. But with all this change, can come a bit of worry. This new generation of children is experiencing something completely different from previous generations; complete immersion in … Continue reading “Technology and Brain Development”

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    Fibbing 101 30 Jul 2014

    In life, it’s called “the little white lie,” in parenting; it’s better known by its alias as “fibbing.” In either case it’s frowned upon and usually punished; either by a parent, or internally by guilt. Now when it comes to dealing with children who fib, it’s only right that both parties, parents and children, learn … Continue reading “Fibbing 101”

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    Consistency is Key 23 Jul 2014

    Children are like little sponges capable of learning, and retaining vast amounts of information. What can make or break their learning: lack of consistency. By building a structure that they, and you can adhere to, they’ll be able to start their path with a solid base to build on. Here are a few areas where … Continue reading “Consistency is Key”

  • Quarreling and fighting kids with their puzzled mother in background
    When To Say “No” To Your Toddler 09 Jul 2014

    Tantrums and toddlers go hand in hand. It is a natural part of development but it is something that needs to be minimised simply by setting some limits that will give you some sanity too. Children develop through challenges but you should always be there to help before the challenge becomes a frustration. As a … Continue reading “When To Say “No” To Your Toddler”

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