Best Children’s Books of 2016

Jan 12, 2017

Reading is especially important for children; it helps them develop early speech, communication, writing, and critical thinking skills. There are plenty of wonderful books available that can hone these skills in addition to other important concepts. Looking for a new book to read with your child? Here are some of the best children’s books of 2016!

  1. Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree by Lori Nichols Although the holiday season has long passed, this cute children’s book explores the sweet story of two sisters who pick out a Christmas tree.
  2. The Lines on Nana’s Face by Simona Ciraolo This children’s book is a beautiful reminder that wrinkles are a map of memories that are made as you grow older and that you should live every moment to its fullest.
  3. Fancy Nancy by Jane O’ConnorThis adorable, vocabularypacked children’s book is about two sisters that are planning on having a sleepover at a friend’s house. The older sister, Nancy, becomes worried that her younger sister will be too homesick to enjoy herself; but maybe they’ll have so much fun she won’t even think about it!
  4. The Thank You Book by Mo Willems Piggie goes around the community, thanking every single person who means something to her. This inspiring children’s book will teach your kids the importance of gratitude and being thankful for all they have!
  5. Ada’s Violin by Susan Hood Based on a true story, Ada’s Violin is about a teacher who creates musical instruments from recycled trash. This inspirational story will inspire a new love of music and teach children about recycling and giving back to the community.
  6. ABC Dream by Kim Krans This children’s book is a great way to help your kids improve their spelling and critical thinking skills! The pictures inside serve as a type of puzzle in which you must figure out how they relate to each letter. In the back of the book, you will find a glossary of letters and the different words they start with that are featured in the book!
  7. Ballerina Gets Ready by Allegra Kent This unique children’s book explores the importance of sticking to a schedule and working diligently towards a goal.