Nov 16, 2018

The Abacus and Brain Gym Course is an educational system that will maximize the potential of your child’s brain.  The process used in learning the abacus system is called Mental Arithmetic.

Working with abacus improves and incorporates the functions of the right and left sides of the brain in the early years of the child.  It is proven that by using the Abacus system, it stimulates the nerves in one’s fingers and can send messages through those neurons.

By this continuous processing of information transfer; it energizes the brain.  Brain gym exercises can enhance communication between useful centers and remove mental blocks that will result in the entire brain development.

Benefits of the Abacus Course

In young children, their brain is constantly making new connections in response to received stimulation.  This one process will use three senses (visual, auditory, and tactile) to balance and develop the physical, mental, emotional, social interaction, personality, and confidence of the child.  The regular practice of abacus, Speed Writing, and Brain Gym helps the child.

It helps with improvement in the academics with improved concentrating, comprehending, recall and retention, speed & accuracy of computing skill and logical reasoning.

Abacus training will help your child in the below ways:

  • Build a concrete foundation for mathematics:

Mathematics can be hard for some.  Learning abacus will build a solid understanding of math starting from the formative years.  By using the visual aid of the abacus, all of the abstract concepts of math itself are shifted to visible beads.  Children must count the beads that are present; this develops hand-eye coordination.  By practicing, the child can develop the image of the abacus in their head and perform mental math.  It will be a fun way to be introduced to the more complex mathematics.

  • Encourages the use of right side of the brain:

Then the left side of the child’s brain will focus on the analysis of the information.  The right side of the brain will focus on visualization, thinking, and creativity.  The left temporal region is utilized to perform math calculations with paper and pen.  Abacus training will stimulate the right side of the child’s brain, improving their ability to observe, visualize, and memorize.

  • Develops logical understanding

Over time, the child will improve the ability to see the abacus in their mind and calculate mental calculations.  When the child can visualize the math questions on the imaginary abacus in their head, he/she will think and be able to apply logic to perform the correct movement of beads in their mind.  Repeatedly executing mental math will build up their ability to employ logic in their other daily life scenarios.

  • Improved understanding of math:

From research, we have found that abacus learners that are advanced are better with solving specific types of math problems in comparison to kids who had not been trained abacus.  It seems abacus training improved the child’s ability to solve math problems with digits, fractions, and decimals, and issues that require a higher level of analytical thinking.

  • Improves concentration:

The effects of abacus training in kids classrooms have been analyzed.  It was noticed that those students who had received abacus training revealed a significant improvement in their level of concentration.

  • Improves memory and visualization:

Abacus learners have been noticed to have better visual and auditory memory as compared to non-abacus learners.  It has also been shown that abacus learners can improve visualization, that is credited to the fact students of abacus can visualize an abacus in their minds.  The visualization technique has found to be useful to students in other areas of study.