Benefits of Summer Camps for Kids

Feb 01, 2021

If your child is used to staying at home unless they are going to school, you can consider a summer camp for your child. However, you might be wondering if the summer camp program is the right fit for your child.

Children have different personalities, but the activities are beneficial for all children. Despite your child personality and interests, all summer camps are designed to improve their social, cognitive, and emotional skills. Therefore, if you have doubts, you will learn the benefits of such programs on your child in this blog.

What to Expect at the Summer Camp

As an adult, you might have a memory of what summer camps entails. Not only did you enjoy building a fire with friends, but the programs were beneficial to your personality. Most camps run for a week and include activities such as martial arts, music, theatre, STEM and science classes that aim to improve the child’s brain and body functionalities.

During the summer camps, your kid will get to make new friends and acquire skills that would be beneficial later in life. Our summer camps in Calgary are open for children between three and eleven years, and we offer meals and aftercare. Therefore, if you are looking for a program that provides child care in Calgary, you can consider Kids U.


Several benefits come with summer programs for kids. Such benefits include:

Development of Lifelong Skills

When your kid goes for a summer camp, they learn new skills. At the summer camp, children participate in group activities where they learn teamwork, make a friend and acquire some skills that would be beneficial to them in future.

When the kids keep practicing, they sharpen the skills, and the abilities will be a bonus in their lives and places of work in future.


In the summer camp, kids spend time away from their parent. During the period, kids tend to develop a sense of identity. Also, with the new skills they acquire, they don’t have to depend on their parents to do some things.

Enhances Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to get up and push forward after a setback. During the summer program, the kids will participate in competitive activities. When the kids fail to perform in such activities, they might look down on themselves. However, in the summer camp, the children will face several challenges and learn to overcome, which is an essential ability in life.

Makes Time for Kids to Play

When its school year, your kids are used to getting to school on time, doing their homework and get to bed. The daily routine gives the children less time to play. With kids summer camps in Calgary, your child gets to play with other kids and engage in several activities.

Fun-Screen Activities

Is your kid addicted to staying long hours playing on their tablet? Such habits can be detrimental to their health and performance since they consume time for sleeping and reading on the media. At the summer camp, the child will be exposed to fun activities that don’t involve phones, tablets, helping them connect with the real world.

Connection With Nature

When kids get away from technology, they have more time to connect with nature. Nature stimulates the five senses. Therefore, when outdoors, the child will get a chance to feel, smell, see, hear and sometimes taste natural things.

Being outdoors encourages movement, which is essential for physical and mental health. Also, the kids get sunlight which is a natural source of vitamin D for strong and healthy bones.

Improves Self-Esteem

In a summer camp, kids can achieve several goals in a less competitive environment than at school. By completing many tasks successfully, the kids can gain self-esteem and will feel confident doing the same in front of people. Therefore, your child will learn to value themselves as a result of hard work and achievements.

Teaches Kids to Respect Differences

At the summer camp, children will meet other kids from diverse cultures. Taking part in activities together creates a bond and builds respect as they help each other. Therefore, your kid will learn how to co-exist with others despite the differences. In our program, we teach that to achieve things together, respect is significant, which helps your child practice respect.