Benefits of Painting for Toddlers

Mar 01, 2020

Toddlers of all ages love to paint. Painting is the best way for them to do tons of things: express emotions, convey innovative ideas, use the senses, discover process, explore colors and create aesthetically pleasing experiences.

Whether your little one has a passion and skill for painting or not, he can still reap many from this activity. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of painting for toddlers in Calgary, AB.

Why is Paining so Valuable for Toddlers?

1.Promotes Creativity

Creativity is the ability to think outside-of-the-box. The ability to be creative is essential to the success of your children. 

As per the International Child Art Foundation, kids and toddlers who are exposed to the arts enhance their creativity.

2.Builds Motor Skills

When a kid squishes the paint between the fingers, mix colors and materials, they use their imagination. Also, all of these tasks need increasing amounts of dexterity. 

Doing this activity is a lot of fun for children. They want to do the activity over and over again. As kids engage in painting over time, this triggers a neural connection and builds fine motor skills (small muscle control). 

However, working on the big paper sheets or at the easel helps develop large muscle control (Gross Motor skills).

3.Helps Kids build Connection

Painting for toddlers in Calgary allows kids of all ages, languages, races, and potential to collaborate and engage in a shared activity.  

4.Helps Kids Understand Themselves and Their World

Art offers a safe outlet for emotions. When you motivate your little one to explore art and craft, this makes them familiar with their bodies with different methods and tools. 

Movement, color, image, line, and imagination – all help kids express themselves in a multidimensional manner.

5.Allow them to Learn How to Make Decisions

As toddlers learn painting and works, they make a choice about their own artwork. Your child learns how to turn their ideas and feelings onto paper.

6.Exercises Brain

Creative activities such as painting use different parts of the brain than learning mathematics. The brains’ right side is the creative half and usually responsible for visual skills. 

This exercises the right brain of your child, thereby resulting in overall healthy brain development.

7.Builds Self-Confidence

Painting activities allow your child to freely express their emotions. There is no right or wrong method to paint. This allows a kid to feel successful regardless of their development stage or skill level.

8.Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

An important skill for the toddlers to learn from a young age is the coordination between the eyes and hands. There are tons of activities that can enhance this skill and painting is one of them.

They will be able to match the actions of their hands with what they see with their eyes.

9.Relieve Stress

Same as adults, little ones get stressed too. Painting is an excellent way to de-stress your little one. 

By asking open-ended questions, it will grow the verbal skills of your child in no time. It’s a smart idea to find a painting for toddlers near you.

10.Creates Good Sensory Experience

Painting involves the senses – sight and touch. This builds a good knowledge base of diverse sensory experiences.

For example, little one feels to touch the paper using finger painting or how it feels while moving the painting brush across the paper. 

These types of experiences are essential because it allows your kid to discover and understand the world around them.

11.Develop Mobility Skills

By using the hand muscles to paint for a long time, toddlers will develop mobility skills. They will also learn to adjust their painting style as per the surface they are using and the brush size. Allow your child to mix colors and experiment with new combinations.

Art is linked naturally to creativity. It’s an attribute that is one of the most vital factors for the success of the child. The use of shapes, colors, and other visual elements allows a child to communicate emotions or feelings fast that otherwise would be tough difficult to express.

Remember, if a regular painting might seem too tough at first, you can encourage your little one to “painting numbers” so they can learn the basics while still having fun and creating a fantastic painting at the end.