Balancing Work and Family Life

Jul 02, 2013

Today, more mums than ever have joined the workforce. Women now make up half of all workers in the United States. Being a full-time has its own challenges – the stress of managing a full-time job and a family can take a toll on women. The key here is to focus on a good plan, get organized and find the almost perfect balance between parenthood and profession. Here are three ways to help you ensure both your family and career flourish.

Throw Away the Guilt

The one thing mums should do is to come to terms with the choices they have made and focus on the two priorities they have in front of them without feeling guilty. Rather than dwelling on how you are not with your child, think of how you are contributing to your company. Try to embrace the good days and the bad days. Make the best of all the time you have when you are at work and at home with your preschool children. Don’t be afraid of talking to other mums and your partner about the challenges you face and ways to make things better.

Quality Childcare

When your children are well taken care of, chances are, you will be happier at work. Speak to people you know and get the best references for your children regarding day care centers and preschools. If you are hiring a nanny for your younger children, hire one that has references that you can call up. Once you are a bit surer of your nanny, invite her over for a play-date with your children to see how they interact with one another. For daycare and preschool options, look at everything from the student-teacher ratio to licenses and staff records.

Easier Mornings

Any working mum will know that mornings are one of the toughest times of the day. Getting the kids ready, getting yourself sorted, getting breakfast and lunch sorted and getting out of the house on time – pretty much a nightmare if you are not very organized. Make things easier for yourself by organizing things the night before. Pack and prepare whatever you can the night before – kids’ snacks, kids’ clothes, your clothes, decide breakfast. Place whatever needs to go in the car by the door so you don’t need to waste time in the morning. When you have so many things pre-planned, you won’t have such a hard time in the morning and the entire family can have a happy morning, not a rushed one. Spend some quality time with your preschool kids before you all leave for the day and these moments will remain with you all day, reminding you of how well you manage work and home.

Happy Parenting!