Affordable Gift Ideas for Kids

Nov 03, 2016

As the holidays draw near, there may be one thing that comes to mind when you think about the kids: What am I getting them for the holidays?

They may have strongly suggested that they wanted an iPad, or Xbox One, while supplying you with a well thought out list of 10 other things they may desire. However, it may not be in your budget, or you may believe some of these items are things that they don’t really need in their life. Whatever the case, here are some affordable gift ideas for kids of different ages that will guarantee they won’t be disappointed this holiday season.


  • Creative Night Light – Something like a cute balloon dog shaped night light will brighten up your toddler’s day.
  • Small Backpack –If you and your toddler are always traveling, an adorable backpack with their favorite character is just the thing to get. Something light that they can carry their toys or books in is a great gift!

Ages 5-7

  • Board Games – A simple card or board game likeUno orI Spy is great for younger children. There’s no reading involved, so kids as young as 4 who haven’t fully developed reading skills will love it!
  • Learning Tablet – If your child insists on a tablet, try a “Learn Smart” tablet from Fisher-Price or Leap Frog. Not only will they have fun playing the various games available, they’ll also be learning new concepts at the same time!

Ages 8-11

  • Design Sets – Got a future artist on your hands? Try looking for any design kits like a Spirograph set. An addition of a set of colored pencils or markers works great too!
  • Educational Sets – If your child loves science, try a kitchen science kit or experiment book with experiments you can do around the house.

Ages 12+

  • Logic-Inspired Games – Anything mentally stimulating, like complex board games or creative/educational kits will keep your kids active while putting their brain to work.
  • Character-Inspired Items – Things that have to do with your child’s favorite movie or book character, be it Star Wars or Pokémon, are always good alternatives for gifts.