Activities for Kids: Benefits of Summer Camp

May 26, 2016

Camps offer a wonderful experience for kids, filled with friends, fun and a lifetime of fond memories. Typical activities for children include singing and campfires, swimming and hiking. Team and character building drills and games that help encourage leadership. Both day camp and overnight camp are fun and the rewards can be priceless. Here are ten reasons some recently surveyed parents and camp-enthusiasts believe that every child should experience the benefits of summer camp.

1. It Expands Your Child’s World
Camp allows children to meet other youngsters of different backgrounds that they may have never met otherwise. This includes a diverse group of camp mates, leaders and counselors from different areas and social statuses. It takes them out of their everyday, ordinary bubbles.

2. Camp Helps Boost Self-Esteem
When children attend camp, they are on their own. They don’t have their parent’s help approaching new people. Self-confidence comes from putting themselves out there and making connections. Every time a child learns a new skill, like swimming, how to operate a canoe or archery it helps him or her grasp how capable he or she can be.

3. Learn to Appreciate Nature Again
Enjoying nature and being outdoors are cornerstones of camp life. Today, kids spend much less time outside as their predecessors. An outdoor summer program provides the opportunity to get them away from their electronics and back to basic fun.

4. Breeds Independence
Camp is a good way to encourage independence away from mom and dad. Kids need to make their own decisions throughout the day and take care of themselves, with direction from the counselors. At overnight camps, they are responsible for getting themselves up, making their beds and getting to breakfast at the scheduled time.

5. Provides Leadership Skills
Campers are allowed to choose their summer activities and direct their own schedules. Natural leaders develop in this setting, without peer pressure. It just happens that some kids will naturally set the pace for other children. This is one of the most valuable benefits of summer camp.

6. Treasured Memories
Your child will gain so many memories, some of them silly, others deep and meaningful. There will be lots of zany shenanigans and fun activities alongside a pivotal time of self-discovery. Friendships will be developed; some may last for the long-term. Regardless, the experiences will be ingrained for years.

7. Confidence When Meeting New People
Interacting with new people all summer is a great networking opportunity. Kids can connect with lifelong friends from different regions. It is a very valuable and unique opportunity to branch out of their comfort zones and feel more comfortable with new
social interactions.

8.Put Down Their Devices
Day camp and overnight camp offer the chance for kids to learn how to play again. Many have banned the use of electronic device so kids can get the most out of their outdoor
time. They are forced to get up and move around. So many children are way too sedentary these days.

9. Discover New Interests
Passions are discovered and nurtured in camp settings. Horseback riding, craft-making, rock climbing, hiking through the woods, these are all activities for kids that campers may not have been exposed to if the camp was not an option. Many of these interests can continue after camp ends.

10. A Place for Summer Fun
Parent’s work and children need to be occupied. It is necessary to find activities for children over the summer months. Day camp is the most practical solution. Camp isn’t just a place to store your children until you can retrieve them after work, it is a place of fun and learning.