our programs & pricing

Tuition fees are dependent upon age, location and care time.



Creative Expression $200/month; plus $50 materials fee*

  • Languages $200/month, plus $50 materials fee*
  • Yoga & Mindfulness $200/month, plus $50 materials fee*
  • Robotics $250/month, plus $50 material fees*

(*materials fee is due once at the beginning of each new session)


  • Course fees are billed monthly, based on approximately 8 classes/month
  • The first month of each new session (i.e. September, January, April, July), we require a cheque made out to Kids U Inc with the first month course fees and the material fees (paid once pers session)
  • Material fees are due on the 1st month of each nee session (i.e. September, January, April, July) and vary depending on the Brain Builder Course.


Multiple Courses: If you register your child(ren) for more than one course (in the same session), you will receive a 10% discount on the second course tuition fees

Siblings: if you register more than one child in the same course (in the same session), you will receive a 10% discount on the 2nd child’s course tuition fees.

Lump sum: Parents will receive a 10% discount on a full session (i.e. Sept 15 – Dec 15 – approximately 24 classes) when they pay for the entire session in one lump sum at the beginning of the course)
For example: Course fees 200 x 3 = $600
Material Fees: $50
Lump Sum amount $650
10% Discount = $65
Amount Payable after Discount = $585

Minimum Number of Students: Classes must have a minimum of 5 students enrolled for the class to commence.

Money Back Guarantee: If you want a money back guarantee for an Immersion Elective, you will be required to commit to 3 months (takes 90 days to normalize and immerse a child into the program). If at the end of attending the course for three months, you are not satisfied with the learning in the Elective, you can a full refund without any cancellation charges. To apply for a refund, you can send an email to the Electives coordinator and copy the program supervisor at the campus. Refunds will be issued in the following month in which the email is received.

Tuition & Fees

Program fees are calculated on a yearly basis. Although the number of days in each month varies depending on the number of recognized holidays or closure dates, there is NO change in monthly fees.

*Please see this year’s scheduled closures for your location under the “For Parents” section of the website.

Parents must complete a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Form prior to their children’s first day of Kids U. The Electronic Fund Transfer is processed on the first day of the month. Parents are responsible for having the adequate funds in their account at this time. If your payment is NSF, you will need to pay the monthly tuition by cheque in person; plus a $35 NFS Fee.  If we do not receive your payment before the 1st of the month, there will also be a late fee of $35.

Families who are not diligent in ensuring their account is kept in current status risk having care of their child terminated. Any family with an account with an outstanding balance will have their position immediately placed on hold (i.e. your child cannot attend if your fees are past due). Any account remaining in a past due status past the 10th of any month, your child will be immediately terminated.

If child care services are terminated due to non-payment of fees, families will still be responsible for ensuring the outstanding fees are paid to the centre. Kids U Inc. will forward any outstanding accounts to an outside collection agency to ensure proper closure of the account and monies owed are recovered.

Any fee for this will also be borne by the family involved.

Tuition Includes: (The monthly program fee includes the following for every child attending the program)

  • Healthy morning breakfast for Preschool and Care students
  • Healthy lunch for children in full-day programs (half-day preschool not included)
  • Healthy afternoon snack for children in Preschool and Care
  • Special guests, extracurricular activities, projects, and specialized instruction
  • Activities, classroom supplies, and supervised care
  • Personal portable cubby space for storage of personal items
  • Personal mattress or cot for napping
  • Infant and junior preschool programs include: diapers, diaper creams and wipes*, as well as bedding

*Diapers, creams and wipes not provided at our Strathmore campus

One-Time Application Fee

To complete your application please move forward with our payment process. To reserve your child’s spot on our wait list, we require a non-refundable $150.00 application fee.

NOTE: Without payment, your application will not be complete and a spot on our wait list will not be reserved for your child in the desired program. Once your payment has been received, you will receive an automatic email confirming the payment, as well as a follow-up email from our Application Coordinator to assist in completing your enrolment.

*Reminder – Application fee is non-refundable

When a confirmed spot is offered to you, you will need to pay a Deposit (in the amount of one full month’s tuition) to confirm that spot. This deposit will be applied to your tuition upon starting.

Annual Materials Fee

There is a non-refundable, non-transferable annual material fee* of $250.00 for all new and returning students. This fee helps to cover the cost of consumable supplies, developmental screenings, association memberships, and other materials for the children. This provides us the opportunity to ensure the classrooms are not strapped in budgets and not purchase things that are not in the interest of a high quality education. The fee covers materials for the preschool year from September 1 to June 30. Unfortunately, this fee is not prorated and is required in full for all admissions. The material fee for new students is due no later than 30 days prior to your child’s enrolment date. The material fees for returning students enrolling is due by April 30. Parents who miss this deadline will lose their child’s place in class. If these parents choose to enroll their child a later time they will be considered a new student.

*For Kids U Bridgeland, families are billed $20 a month (paid in full at the time of application) for materials fees.

**For Kids U Centennial, the annual materials fee is $325. This increase in price is due to additional services that are not offered at other campuses, such as bedding and laundry provided.

The annual materials fee must be paid with the first month’s deposit.

Late Pick Up Fee

Like you and your family, our staff value and enjoy having quality family time in the evenings following a long and full day’s work. As such, if you are going to be late, we appreciate receiving a phone call as soon as you are aware of the situation. Late child care fees begin at the campus closing hours, at a rate of $1.00 per child per minute and the total will be charged to your account via EFT.

Issuance of Receipts

Kids U issues receipts at the end of each fiscal year for the previous year’s fees. Receipts will not be issued on a monthly basis. Yearly receipts will be emailed to families by the last business day of February of each year. Families no longer attending the centre will need to ensure they provide up to date information for their files in order to ensure their receipts can be emailed out to them. Anyone who has an outstanding balance, you will not be given a receipt.

Please note: Field Trips are NOT extracurricular activities as they are not mandatory to attend. Extracurricular activities include mandatory events school events such as: special guests, projects and specialized instruction.