Creative Expression $200/month; plus $50 materials fee*

  • Languages $200/month, plus $50 materials fee*
  • Yoga & Mindfulness $200/month, plus $50 materials fee*
  • Robotics $250/month, plus $50 material fees*

(*materials fee is due once at the beginning of each new session)


  • Course fees are billed monthly, based on approximately 8 classes/month
  • The first month of each new session (i.e. September, January, April, July), we require a cheque made out to Kids U Inc with the first month course fees and the material fees (paid once pers session)
  • Material fees are due on the 1st month of each nee session (i.e. September, January, April, July) and vary depending on the Brain Builder Course.


Multiple Courses: If you register your child(ren) for more than one course (in the same session), you will receive a 10% discount on the second course tuition fees

Siblings: if you register more than one child in the same course (in the same session), you will receive a 10% discount on the 2nd child’s course tuition fees.

Lump sum: Parents will receive a 10% discount on a full session (i.e. Sept 15 – Dec 15 – approximately 24 classes) when they pay for the entire session in one lump sum at the beginning of the course)
For example: Course fees 200 x 3 = $600
Material Fees: $50
Lump Sum amount $650
10% Discount = $65
Amount Payable after Discount = $585

Minimum Number of Students: Classes must have a minimum of 5 students enrolled for the class to commence.

Money Back Guarantee: If you want a money back guarantee for a Brain Builders course, you will be required to commit to 3 months (takes 90 days to normalize and immerse a child into the program). If at the end of attending the course for three months, you are not satisfied with the learning in the course, you can a full refund without any cancellation charges. To apply for a refund, you can send an email to the Brain Builders coordinator and copy the program supervisor at the campus. Refunds will be issued in the following month in which the email is received.