6 Essential Things to Look for In Your Child’s Preschool Program

May 01, 2020

Enrolling your children into good preschool programs is an essential educational investment in your child’s life. This is because going through a good and high-quality preschool program in Calgary positions your child to have greater academic success in their subsequent years ahead.

Preschool is essential for your child’s development because it gives them exposure and a place to learn and develop friendships. This will probably be the first time your child will be leaving their comfort zone and diving into the unknown.

A preschool program near you will give your child an environment to learn how to communicate, build their self-esteem, and how to make friends. These skills may seem trivial, but they have an essential role in forming your child’s attitude and disposition in life.

What Is the Importance of Preschool Programs?

It is easy to overlook the importance of enrolling your children into good preschool programs in Calgary AB because this is not a mandatory grade. However, preschool plays a definitive role in shaping your child’s academic and social life.

Here are some of the vital contributions preschool programs can make towards your child’s future:

  • They learn how to interact socially with children in their age brackets and adults within a supervised environment, for instance, how to greet or share toys with friends.
  • Developing your child’s fine and gross motor skills through playing activities within the classroom such as coloring and molding
  • Developing your child’s oratory skills through songs, poems and storytelling activities
  • Preschool helps prepare your child for the more structured curriculum programs.
  • They learn how to manage time and follow schedules.
  • They learn how to recognize the sounds of the alphabet also known as phonological recognition
  • they develop proper communication skills, for instance how to use their words when frustrated

These are skills our children can pick while attending preschool programs in Calgary. But not all preschool programs near you can give your child a favorable environment to learn and develop these skills, so as a parent, you need to be keen to pick out the right preschool for your child.

Qualities of a Good Preschool Program

Here are some of the qualities to look out for that can help you pick out good preschool programs in Calgary AB:

  1. Clean, Organized, Well Lit and Aerated Classrooms

A good preschool program should be equipped with classes that are well lit, aerated, organized, and colorful.

Well lit and organized classes will ensure that the teachers have a clear line of sight at all times to supervise all the children within the classroom as they play and interact.

The classes should have low shelves that are child proofed and filled with lots of toys and construction items that will enable children to have lots of creative play.

Classes should also have allocations for make-believe corners and several picture books, different puzzles that allow all the kids to have something different to do at any given time.

  1. Availability of Enough Trained Staff and Teachers

A quality preschool should have enough trained teachers to guarantee that all the children attending are getting a chance to interact one on one with the teachers.

No child should feel neglected, and the teacher should get to work with all children individually to understand them and connect on a personal level.

The teachers should also be able to interact with children at their level, and be patient with the children, not get easily frustrated when children make mistakes.

  1. An Environment That Encourages Learning

The learning environment should be conducive and should provide a chance at every opportunity for your child to learn something new. For instance, the walls should be colorfully painted with numbers and alphabets portrayed in the context of their everyday lives.

There should be plants and animals that give the children a chance to also learn about nature and interact with it.

The walls should also be filled with artwork that the kids do during class sessions to encourage kids that good work is celebrated and honored.

  1. Playtime Is Key

Playing is a fundamental part of learning. You should be guaranteed that your child will get lots of time to play outside and run about during the day. This gives your child a chance to develop their muscles and socialize with friends in a fun environment.

  1. Proper Meals and Diet Plans

Having proper nutrition is vital for your child’s proper growth and development. Your preschool should be able to provide healthy and balanced meals and snacks.

  1. What Are They Being Taught?

You need to find out what your child is being taught at a preschool. The teacher should be able to clearly explain why kids carry out a particular activity at a given time and what role that activity plays in their development.

You should also find out what curriculum is being taught and how it accommodates each child at their different intellectual levels.

At Kids U, we are equipped to help your child take their first step towards a successful and fulfilling life.