5 ways to get your kids to eat better

Mar 13, 2013


Being a mother of one time picky eaters, I can imagine the stress all you mothers go through who are in the same boat as me. It could have been easier to move a wall than to convince my then seven year old that junk food is not lunch. With some time, some advice from  preschool Calgary NW and lots of patience…..we are at a stage where my kids eat well balanced meals. Here are some tips that really helped us all.


Plan dinners:

If you think planning a weekly menu is too daunting a task for you, start with three days at a time, just like they do at daycare Calgary NW. Include your children in the planning and allow them to sneak in a favorite here and there. Children are most happy when they are allowed to pick a dessert. You win half your battle with this one simple act. A good dinner does not necessarily have to be fancy, but should be well balanced with something form every food group.


Introduce new foods slowly:

Children are naturally new food phobic. I always tell my children that their taste buds sometimes have to get used to a new flavor before they will like the taste. A little hero worship can work wonders too. When my daughter found out that her favorite singer’s favorite food was yoghurt, she insisted it to be a part of her daily diet!


Get kids cooking:

Involve your children in your lunch and dinner preparations. Take them to the store with you so they can pick out the groceries needed for dinner. If they are old enough, allow them to help you out in the kitchen while you prepare meals. My daughter ate up all her fruit salad when teachers at day care Calgary NW let her help in the preparation.


Cut back on junk:

Always remember that only you are in charge of the food that enters your house. One day, I decided to cut back on junk food and soda purchases by 90%. With no access to junk, my hungry children immediately turned to milk, fruits and other healthy snack options. I too began making more healthy snacks and meals for them! Allow treats once in a while of course; you only live once!


Be a role model:

If you have bad and erratic eating habits, chances are that your children are watching you and learning from you. Model the behavior you would like to see in your children. Eat your fruits daily. Don’t drink soda regularly and say no when your kids ask for some.


Have an open mind. Listen to your children’s needs. Realize that what your children eat over time is what matters. Having a tub of popcorn at the movies or indulging in an ice-cream are some of life’s real pleasures. As long as you are able to balance things out most of the time, you and your children will be fine! Happy parenting!