4 Ways to Get Your Kid to Clean Up

Mar 06, 2014

At our preschool in Calgary, we always teach children to pick up after themselves, be it playtime or nap time. We encourage children to do it after every activity at the preschool or daycare. You can do the same at home.

Stick to a routine when you want to train your child to clean up. If you do it for two days and then don’t impose the rules for the rest of the week, children will not pick this up as a habit. Tell your child to help you put the books back on the shelf before dinner time. Or tell her to help you put her clothes in the hamper after she has changed.

Our teachers at our daycare in Calgary have always felt that children learn faster when they are given warnings. When the lesson is five minutes away from ending, our teachers announce this so children know they have five minutes to clean up and their mental transition is able to shift from play to picking up.

Children are little people and as such, they are not able to handle activities like clean-up for too long. They will get distracted and disinterested easily if you ask them to clean up a room full of toys. Let your children pick-up for five minutes and take a short break before coming back to the task. It is a good idea to focus on one item at times; for example pick up the crayons first, take a break and then pick up the books.

Show your kids how clean-up and pick-up is done. Young kids can get confused with commands and they may not know how to do something the way it is intended. Our teachers at our daycare advise parents to show children what they mean. As you are showing them how to do something, ask them to help you.

If you are always consistent in your rules and if your kids see you do the things you want them to do, you will have no problems getting them to clean-up.