4 ways to boost creativity in your daycare

May 22, 2018

Creativity is an important aspect of a child’s life that they will carry on into adulthood. Creativity can be nourished and developed during daycare hours. It is a skill that fosters problem-solving abilities. As a daycare owner, you want the parents to understand that you know exactly how important creativity is.

Scratch the Curriculum

Maybe you have made your own, or you have a premade curriculum. Sometimes that works just fine, but know when to scratch the curriculum and set off in a different direction. After some time, you will get to know your students better. You will know what works and what doesn’t with which kids.

It can be helpful to schedule free days or free times where children can do projects that express themselves creatively. Parents love seeing projects that their kids came up with on their own.

Boost Creativity in Your Daycare with Activity Days

Activity days can boost the mood as well as creativity. For example, schedule a picnic or some other activity once a month for every class, even if it’s just at the daycare center. Other more complex activities could include a scavenger hunt, which will get the kids to think outside of the box while they are looking for hidden items.

Playing and Participation

Playing, participating, and sharing is very important at this age. If you encourage your kids to share toys, why not also help them to share responsibilities. Perhaps a pet is too big of a responsibility for one young child, but if a whole classroom chips in, it can be a big learning experience.

Let Kids Take the Reigns

Each of your classes is a small community of its own, so why not let some of its members offer what he or she has to the rest of the community. Young children have obsessions from month to month, so sometimes it can be helpful to their self-esteem to let them showcase what they are interested in every now and then!