4 Ways To Advocate For Your Child At School

Jun 01, 2019

When you drop your child to the school for their first day at kindergarten, it can be overwhelming to see your baby take the next step in their life. It’s also a small step towards independence; however, you are still the best advocate for them. For any parents, nothing is as important as their child getting the best possible education. Here’s a look at some ways of ensuring that.

How To Be An Effective Advocate For Your Child This Year

#1: Be Informed

You must attend the parents-teacher conferences and ask as many questions as possible. The child normally behaves differently at school than he behaves at home. So asking questions to their teachers help in being informed about what is going on. The more informed you are, the more effective you will be as an advocate for your child.

#2: Stay Organized

As a responsible parent, you must keep the relevant papers of your child in a separate file so that you can refer them back as and when needed. The important papers and documents include:

  • Reports cards
  • Progress reports
  • Homework samples
  • Evaluations
  • Medical records
  • If applicable, your child’s IEP

#3: Communicate With Your Child

The next thing is to communicate with your child about their experience at the school. It’s the only way of knowing what school is like for your child. You must also spend some quality time with your child wherein you help your child develop certain skills that will be required in the day care in Calgary. You can also read together and imbibe a habit of reading in them from a tender age. You will be able to advocate effectively if you are informed about your child’s thoughts and moods.

#4: Communicate With Your Child’s Teacher

It’s important to build a good relationship with your child’s teacher and stay in touch with them. It’s the key to being an advocate for your child. You and the teacher both want the best for the child. Staying involved in the classroom will prevent miscommunication says the day care near Calgary.