4 Parenting Ideas for 2014

Apr 28, 2014

Every parent’s goal is to be the best parent. Parenting involves a lot of renewal and rejuvenation and that is what we bring you in today’s article – some hot ideas to be on top of your parenting game.

1. Gender on your agenda

New studies have found that many emotional traits are gender specific. For example, girls experience higher levels of separation anxiety than boys do. Boys tend to be more active than girls are when they are three years old. Knowing these facts can help you fine-tune your parenting skills based on gender.

2.    The gift of restraint.

Children today have much more than they actually need. It is becoming easy to forget the virtue of restraint. We should not be giving kids everything they want just because we can. Encourage restraint and teach your children the difference between a want and a need. This will teach them how to save and be successful in life.

3.     Practise digital parenting.

The generation of children we have today are the most tech-savvy ones we have ever seen. They obviously require parents who are digitally aware. We cannot escape the fact that the internet is here to stay. We also know that the internet poses some risks to kids. When we say that parents need to be digitally aware, what we mean is that parents need to be able to provide helpful guidelines for safety and letting kids learn and communicate online. Knowing what your kids do online helps.

4.   Practice reciprocity.

A successful family or community is built on reciprocity. It is when you help each other out and treat each other fairly, that you see a successful family or community or workplace. Build a better relationship with your spouse and family and you will see your children building a better relationship with their siblings and friends.

Happy Parenting!