4 features of families that stick together

Aug 13, 2013

Families that have a strong bond are known to share some common traits. They are the ones who will stick together no matter what. It is important for all families to imitate these traits so they can depend on each other for support in difficult times and togetherness in happy times.

1. Fight hard, love hard

Parents usually complain about their children fighting and arguing all the time at home. It is these same siblings who remain fiercely loyal to each other when the chips are down. These are the siblings who may fight at home, but will protect each other in school, amongst friends and in any other circumstance. The bickering at home, especially amongst pre-school aged children  is only normal behavior.

2. No No’s

The one big rule all families should have from the time children are young is a rule of ‘no put downs’ and ‘no hitting’. Even if your child is of preschool age, he or she will understand when you explain these rules to them. This code of conduct will teach your children not be mean to one another. They can argue a point all they want, but that’s where a conflict should end.

3. Talk openly

I have always seen this one work. Families that can talk about anything under the sun are successful families. If your children cannot talk to you about something, you need to re-look at things. There is nothing so bad that children cannot discuss with their parents. The most important reason why it is important to have an open door policy with your children is simple – you don’t want them seeking advice about taboo topics from others as their values may not be the same as yours.

4. Compromise

Teach your children from early on in life the art of compromise during disagreements. If for example, your children are fighting over a toy, teach them to take turns. When this practice continues, they will soon learn how to take turns without you coming in to save them.

Happy Parenting!