3 New Year's Resolutions That Will Change Your Child's Life

Jan 06, 2014

We do this at the end of every year only to forget it all by February. With our lifestyle these days, it is worth having a look at these four New Year resolutions that will change yours and your child’s life for the better. If you have a child attending preschool or daycare, these will help you both even more.
Technology is amazing and great and wonderful and make life easier but they also disconnect families. Parents rely on technology and kids are attached to technology. If not controlled, it controls our lives and it is very difficult to stop later. Make it a conscious decision to unplug more often in 2014. Make a box and call it a ‘be present’ box. Store all your gadgets here when it is time for you to focus on your partner, spouse, family and friends. Teach your children that though technology is fun, connecting with family is priority. If you teach them this, they will grow up to value relationships.
Slow down:
Today’s preschooler is often more over-scheduled than adults. Kids as young as 6 are running from preschool to extra-curricular activities to a sports class, often eating on the go. By evening, they are tired and cranky and we wonder why. As yourself if all these classes are really essential and cut out the ones that are not. Give yourself and your child a break and slow down. Make a resolution to take it a little easy in 2014.
Be proud:
A lot has been said and done about praise. Many say that kids today receive too much praise and don’t understand its value anymore. I feel that there is a clear message you are giving out to your child who has worked really hard on a project or activity and there is nothing wrong with that little pat on the back. Would you not expect some praise when you do something for your partner? In 2014, stop over-thinking about dishing out praise and just give it when it is due. Help your kids feel proud…..cheer for them!

As you celebrate the New Year and new possibilities, keep your children in mind and resolve to raise happy kids this year.