3 Emotional Skills Your Child Should Possess

Oct 22, 2013


As parents, we worry about our children’s academic results and also go out of our way to expose them to extra-curricular activities. While we do all this, do we pay enough attention to nurture their emotional development? An emotionally intelligent preschool child is one that knows how to be sensitive to others, responsible, confident and well-grounded……pretty much all the qualities all decent people should have. Here are some emotional skills you can help your young preschool child possess.


Children and adults who lack patience can be very demanding, short tempered and end up giving up on tasks easily. So, when we teach our preschool children patience, it is helpful in so many different areas of life. A patient child becomes a patient friend, sibling, colleague and partner. It is easier to deal with a happy child because you have given her everything but think of what she will become in 10 years. Delayed gratification comes from patience, and your child will be a better human being with patience with her.


Self-control or restraint is an emotion all children should be taught. We have seen kids who are overexcited and who run around like maniacs screaming and shouting in inappropriate places while their parents try weakly to monitor them. No matter how young children are, they need to be taught the value of restraint. When they learn self-control, they learn how to deal with negative emotions without becoming depressed or behaving inappropriately.


This may be a trait that is a bit difficult to teach, especially for parents who are overprotective, but this is one of the most useful things you can teach your preschool child. When a child is self-reliant, she is independent. Through simple acts like feeding themselves, dressing themselves up and cleaning up, you can teach your child how to be self-reliant. When a child is self-reliant, she is empowered to discover life and this makes it exciting for her

Happy Parenting!