3 Daycare Perks

Nov 12, 2013

Parents often wonder if a daycare is the right answer to child care for their toddlers. Many parents opt for preschool and home as the right combination for their child to spend the day. While it may be a good option to keep your child at home after preschool, this may only be good if you are at home to keep an eye on them. To have your child stay at home with their nannies puts forth many questions of what they will do with their time. Daycare is an excellent option for kids to spend their afternoons in till their parents get them. Besides spending time with professional day care teachers and caregivers, children will also learn a lot based on the curriculum the centre is providing. Here are some other advantages of day care centres.


Although your child may get a few more sniffles than the child who stays at home, being at a day care will make them healthier. Their immune system will become much stronger than other kids and this will protect them from chronic conditions like allergies and asthma. According to a study conducted recently, kids who attended daycare were 30 percent less likely to develop the most common type of childhood leukemia. The reason why may be the immune-system boost from infections.

School Prep

Day care centres are known to be stimulating and cognitively enriching environments.  Young children who spend time in day care centres do better on literacy and number skills exercises. This will help them very much as they enter school. The curriculums day care centres follow are a good preparation or school. A child better prepared for school is a child who will be less nervous and anxious at school.

Social Life

At daycare, your child will interact with many other children of the same age for hours a day. He will make many friends and this is always a good thing. All this will jump-start his social life and he will learn to interact with other people from a young age. Our day care curriculum in Kids U teaches children life lessons in sharing and caring amongst other lessons, which your children will benefit from.

Best of all, you can spend quality time with your child when you get them from day care. Everything has been taken care of by the teachers and care givers at Kids U so you don’t have to worry about homework, studying or any form of teaching when you get home.

Happy Parenting!