Summer Camps


Our Right Brain camp is interest-based and always offers fun, educational and exciting opportunities for your children where they can learn about the world around them. There will be tons of opportunities for them to play and learn at the same time.

Our Movement camp is focused on physical education and living a healthy and active lifestyle. Children will get to enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities and learn different ways to be fit and have fun .


Our Summer Camps are a great place to continue developing social skills, life skills and emotional skills which are all part of the curricula, all the while interacting with other children of their age groups.


What We Do

Taking advantage of the warm summer months, a lot of the activities take place outdoors. Children are able to explore nature in the best way possible. Regular outings to the park and nature walks on trails are always a hit with our students. We try to spend a good chunk of time outdoors so that children can learn about and appreciate Mother Nature.

After months of spending time in a structured learn-through-play environment, breaking free from the four walls of a room is a welcome change for children. We ensure that the full day program has a good blend of play, work, quiet time and outdoor time. It is during these summer months that children forge great bonds with friends and create memories of a lifetime. Many of our activities are based on personality development where children learn to help one another, look out for one another and work in groups.


More information to come!