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    Kids U Braeside Is Finally Open! 15 Jun 2015

    The first of three new centres of the ever-expanding Kids U Calgary will open its doors on Monday, June 15th. Kids U Braeside, our first centre to open in the southwest quadrant of the city, offers preschool and care, registering children 19 months to 6 years. With a licensed capacity for up to 60 children, … Continue reading “Kids U Braeside Is Finally Open!”

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    Top 3 Toddler Fears 01 Jun 2015

    It is difficult to know how you can reassure toddlers of their safety as you see them exhibit fears from time to time. Here are some ways you can help your toddler deal with his fears and insecurities. The Dark Just like an adult, a child feels that he can’t see what’s out there when … Continue reading “Top 3 Toddler Fears”

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    Superfoods for Kids 13 May 2015

    Try adding one of these superfoods to your child’s meal every day and you will be adding a wide range of health benefits to their bodies. Habits that are formed at an early age usually last a lifetime; forming good food habits at a young age ensures a better understanding of health and what qualifies … Continue reading “Superfoods for Kids”

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    How to Avoid Spoiling your Toddler 05 May 2015

    They say that carrying your little baby endlessly will spoil them. Carrying them will actually strengthen your communication, love and bond. There are other things you can do as your baby grows into a toddler to avoid spoiling them. Once certain habits are encouraged, there are higher chances of having a well-mannered child in the … Continue reading “How to Avoid Spoiling your Toddler”

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    4 Worst Parenting Mistakes 21 Apr 2015

    Parenting is a full-time job, it’s no wonder it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The on-the-job training for parenthood can literally last a lifetime. One thing all parents share in common is wanting the best for their kids, but they can and do end up making some mistakes in the process. These mistakes can … Continue reading “4 Worst Parenting Mistakes”

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    Transition to the Toddler Bed 06 Apr 2015

    When a child is ready to move out of their crib or family bed into their own toddler bed, there is a lot of excitement as the bed is picked out and as the room is done up. At the same time, there are sometimes feelings of anxiety and fear as the toddler is now … Continue reading “Transition to the Toddler Bed”

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    Bare Bottoms Diaper Drive 01 Apr 2015

    As parents, we all know how stressful it is to run out of diapers, especially when you’ve got one (or several) uncomfortable and upset babies on your hands! But imagine what it’s like to constantly be short on such an infant essential. It may sound like a nightmare, but it is a reality for some … Continue reading “Bare Bottoms Diaper Drive”

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    Building Brains, One Nutrient At A Time! 02 Mar 2015

    Building brains is about so much more than just education. At Kids U we know that nutrition is an important factor in a child’s development. Which is why we continuously strive to provide healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals for our children. Our current menus reflect cultural diversity to stimulate a broader palate, and our cooks … Continue reading “Building Brains, One Nutrient At A Time!”

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    February 2015 Theme 12 Feb 2015

    Community helpers is February’s theme at Kids U McKnight. By introducing the importance of various trades and occupations and the impact they have on their community, we are instilling in our children a sense of civic duty at an early age. We have aligned several guest speakers (thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers!), ranging from … Continue reading “February 2015 Theme”

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    Generations of Hope Charity Auction 05 Feb 2015

    Raising children to become generous, loving and socially-conscious citizens starts at an early age. Which is why at Kids U, we are always looking for ways to involve our children in charities. December’s food and toy drive was an immense success, and the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank and Calgary’s Hope Mission were overwhelmed with the … Continue reading “Generations of Hope Charity Auction”

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