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    Raising an Independent Child 11 Aug 2015

      As a parent the first and foremost goal of your life is to nurture your child and give them the best of everything. With that comes the duty of raising an independent child. Although it’s natural for any parent to guide every little step of their child, the child should be capable of making … Continue reading “Raising an Independent Child”

  • Register Now And Get Your First Two Weeks Tuition FREE! 07 Aug 2015

    We are celebrating the opening of our newest centres with a special Kids U Back to School promotion! The first 100 to register at our Braeside or Walden locations will receive their first two weeks of tuition free! For our Strathmore location, the first 50 to register will also get their first two weeks of … Continue reading “Register Now And Get Your First Two Weeks Tuition FREE!”

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    Nienhuis Montessori For Kids U 27 Jul 2015

      Much more than shapes, colours and counting, the Montessori philosophy of developing early childhood education explores many aspects of a child’s development. A practical environment was one Maria Montessori considered to be most significant in helping the child reach new levels of independence, self-autonomy and understanding. She worked tirelessly to create different ways to … Continue reading “Nienhuis Montessori For Kids U”

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    Preschool Half Day Program 22 Jul 2015

    Kids U will be introducing a Half Day program for ages 3 and up to its McKnight, Braeside, Strathmore and Walden locations, effective from Tuesday, September 1st, 2015. Aimed to accommodate the numerous requests we have received from families who cannot do full school days, this program will allow children to benefit from the educational … Continue reading “Preschool Half Day Program”

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    Our 4 Best Parenting Tips 29 Jun 2015

    As a parent, there are no days off. Although it feels like a job that lacks gratitude at times, it can get easier when you have some essential parenting skills. Here are some top tips we have gathered from parents that swear it makes a difference.   Control the Only Thing You Can – Your … Continue reading “Our 4 Best Parenting Tips”

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    Kids U Braeside Is Finally Open! 15 Jun 2015

    The first of three new centres of the ever-expanding Kids U Calgary will open its doors on Monday, June 15th. Kids U Braeside, our first centre to open in the southwest quadrant of the city, offers preschool and care, registering children 19 months to 6 years. With a licensed capacity for up to 60 children, … Continue reading “Kids U Braeside Is Finally Open!”

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    Top 3 Toddler Fears 01 Jun 2015

    It is difficult to know how you can reassure toddlers of their safety as you see them exhibit fears from time to time. Here are some ways you can help your toddler deal with his fears and insecurities. The Dark Just like an adult, a child feels that he can’t see what’s out there when … Continue reading “Top 3 Toddler Fears”

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    Superfoods for Kids 13 May 2015

    Try adding one of these superfoods to your child’s meal every day and you will be adding a wide range of health benefits to their bodies. Habits that are formed at an early age usually last a lifetime; forming good food habits at a young age ensures a better understanding of health and what qualifies … Continue reading “Superfoods for Kids”

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    How to Avoid Spoiling your Toddler 05 May 2015

    They say that carrying your little baby endlessly will spoil them. Carrying them will actually strengthen your communication, love and bond. There are other things you can do as your baby grows into a toddler to avoid spoiling them. Once certain habits are encouraged, there are higher chances of having a well-mannered child in the … Continue reading “How to Avoid Spoiling your Toddler”

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    4 Worst Parenting Mistakes 21 Apr 2015

    Parenting is a full-time job, it’s no wonder it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The on-the-job training for parenthood can literally last a lifetime. One thing all parents share in common is wanting the best for their kids, but they can and do end up making some mistakes in the process. These mistakes can … Continue reading “4 Worst Parenting Mistakes”

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