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    Sibling Rivalry 01 Jun 2013

      Your best friend and your worst enemy is often your sibling. It’s absolutely normal for siblings to fight and there are enough reasons for them to. Temperament, jealousy, a need to be better, and many other reasons; forgotten by adults. An important role for parents is to manage these conflicts between siblings. Pre school … Continue reading “Sibling Rivalry”

  • confident
    Picking the Right Pre School 28 May 2013

      It has been seen that children who have attended a quality pre school end up doing better in school later. They also get better jobs and are also less likely to be involved in crimes and drugs because of the quality atmosphere offered at pre schools. Finding the right pre school for your child … Continue reading “Picking the Right Pre School”

  • no
    Know How to Say No! 22 May 2013

      How often do we parents fret and fuss because we have to say no to our kids a million times a day? ‘Yes’ always is music to kids’ ears and but at times it is necessary to say no to your preschool child simply to bring in some discipline into the home. There are … Continue reading “Know How to Say No!”

  • friends
    Friendship Skills Learned Early 16 May 2013

    An important part of healthy development in children is friendship. Friendships hold different meanings for children of different ages – for an older child, friendship is about talking and playing together. For young toddlers, it’s all about stacking blocks together. Children with friends have better self-esteem, fewer social issues and a good sense of well-being … Continue reading “Friendship Skills Learned Early”

  • bully
    Bullying Prevention in Preschool or Kindergarten 13 May 2013

      Kids do at some time or rather experience some kind of teasing. When this harmless teasing becomes hurtful, constant and abrasive, it is known as bullying. For parents, it is a heart wrenching experience to see your child go through the pain of bullying, but sadly it happens – help your child deal with … Continue reading “Bullying Prevention in Preschool or Kindergarten”

  • cranky kid
    Ways to Keep Cool with Preschoolers 08 May 2013

      Your preschool child may have trotted through the entire day at school with ease; but when he gets back home, you may find that he is either downright uncooperative, tests your patience, is whiny or all of the above. What is going on? What do you do? Psychologists say that it is perfectly normal … Continue reading “Ways to Keep Cool with Preschoolers”

  • play
    Let Children Play 05 May 2013

    A famous psychologist once said “play is the work of children”. Play is very important for children’s development. From the moment they learn to reach out and explore their surroundings, play and exploration becomes integrated. Play is also how children work around certain emotions like anxiety. A great example is Peek a boo. A toddler … Continue reading “Let Children Play”

  • yelling
    Why yelling at your kids does not work 29 Apr 2013

    You would have, at one time or other faced a situation when despite all the parenting skills you have followed, all you want to do is to scream at your child. He may have either been irresponsible, hurtful or has ignored you despite repetitions. After moments of calming down, you’d have asked yourself the same … Continue reading “Why yelling at your kids does not work”

  • imaginary friend
    Imaginary Friends 26 Apr 2013

    There are many schools of thought that portray imaginary friends in a negative light. Parents feel that when their child has an imaginary friend, he has got to be shy, anti-social or probably have low self-esteem. The truth however, is that two thirds of children have had an imaginary friend in their childhood. Professionals at … Continue reading “Imaginary Friends”

  • hate school
    Does your child hate going to preschool? 24 Apr 2013

    You may have faced this at one time or another – your child returns from school and announces rather loudly and with authority that he hates school! Your first response may be of shock, because till this morning, there was only a very happy child going to his preschool. So, why the sudden change of … Continue reading “Does your child hate going to preschool?”